martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Spanish government stops access to care for undocumented migrants

 On 17th May 2012, the Congress of the members of Parliament approved a law on access to health coverage and access to care (Real Decreto Ley 16/2012). Main measures target undocumented migrants: they will have no access to health coverage. Spain was a model for the European Union until now, as each person living in Spain could have an individual health card, the same for all, with no discrimination at all. From 1st September 2012, undocumented migrants will lose the access to Spanish health cards. Their access to care will be limited only to emergencies. Only pregnant women and children will access healthcare in primary health system. Médicos del Mundo, supported by Doctors of the World International Network, calls on health professionals to resist individually and collectively. Continuar leyendo.

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